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Woman Depilation - Bikini - American

Price : 21.00 €, Approximative duration : 55 mn
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his is the maximum form of Brazilian bikini. it leaves only a thin band of 1 to 3 cm wide, upright, on the pubis. The labia majora are usually waxed over 2 thirds of their width, sometimes completely.

American bikini, not very widespread in Europe, leaves even less hair on the surface of previous forms. It consists of getting a small inverted triangle  (tip down) on top of the pubis. The labia majora are then completely waxed.

There are variants called subway tickets due to their shapes as either a rectangle or a lozenge.

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The wax can temporarily remove the hair for 4 to 6 weeks.
I selected two different types of waxes that are suitable for sensitive skin:

  • Disposable wax strips for the body and legs
  • Disposable wax without strips for the most sensitive parts

It is recommended to avoid hot baths, sun, and perfumed products up to 24 hours after waxing.

A little history:

Although some people consider the practice of hair removal as a relatively new fashion, it is not. Since immemorial time, all civilizations have indeed tried to remove the hair, symbol of animality and impurity, trying to domesticate it or delete it. The first traces of tools used by man for waxing, such as rudimentary tweezers , have been found in tombs dating from prehistoric times. But it is from the 3rd millennium BC that men seem to have developed a true culture of hair removal, particularly under the influence of religious beliefs of the time.

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