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Face care - Anti-ageing Time Interceptor treatment

Price : 55.00 €, Approximative duration : 01 h
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ecause from 35-40 years old your skin needs to fight against the radiance loss, the discomfort, the irregularities, the tonicity and firmness loss, and the wrinkles and fine lines appearance, Bernard Cassière has developed Time Interceptor, a global anti-ageing concept.

The Time Interceptor care is a complete care ritual integrating a special anti-ageing complex, composed of extracts of argan tree leaves and anogeissus leiocarpus bark. These ingredients are extracted from hundred years old trees in Africa recognized by the inhabitants for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties. This combination has been selected to protect the skin against the free radicals activity.

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Continuously subject to external aggressions, the face requires specific cares. 

The face care you need depends on your skin type, it is necessary to determine it before proceeding. That’s why I chose a range of specific product for every skin type.

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