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Face care - Bamboo Hydrating treatment

Price : 55.00 €, Approximative duration : 01 h
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he Bernard Cassière’s answer for dry skin types. The Bamboo hydrating* care provides a double hydration* to the skin thanks to its Bamboo, Lotus and white Water Lily complex.

The hydrating* concentrate Plum-Macadamia strenghtens the cutaneous barrier et stops water evaporation. The skin is soft and supple.

The massage cream that contains bamboo, white lotus and water lily extracts hydrates* and regenerates the skin. It acts on the intercellular cement. The Bamboo hydrating* mask hydrates* and provides brightness, softness and suppleness to the skin. The hydrating* serum favors the natural hydratation* processes  thanks to the bamboo, wild thought and soya extracts.

*Hydration of the superficial skin layers
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Continuously subject to external aggressions, the face requires specific cares. 

The face care you need depends on your skin type, it is necessary to determine it before proceeding. That’s why I chose a range of specific product for every skin type.

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