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Face care - Oily skin lemon treatment

Price : 50.00 €, Approximative duration : 01 h
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ombining two masks, the purifying treatment is recommended for combination to oily skin types that are shiny and often meet blackheads, dilated pores and imperfections problems or that needs a post acneic treatment.

The oily zones mask contains near queen’s extracts, milk proteins and lemon essential oils that absorbs subum excesses and impurities. It reduces blackheads, the complexion is fresh and no more oily. The aqueous mask hydrates* the dry zones, the skin is smooth. The matt finish serum fight against shiny aspects all day long and purifies the skin to avoid any imperfections appearance.

*hydration of the superficial skin layers

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Continuously subject to external aggressions, the face requires specific cares. 

The face care you need depends on your skin type, it is necessary to determine it before proceeding. That’s why I chose a range of specific product for every skin type.

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