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Man Depilation - Back or Chest

Price : 25.00 €, Approximative duration : 30 mn
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en chest or back waxing has become more and more common as getting rid of these hairs can be hygienically and aesthetically beneficial.

Chest and back hairs should be maintained before they become too long and too dense. When body hair grows too long it can become troublesome and it can get tangled in clothing or in zippers which can spawn painful reactions.

Just as with underarm hair, the thicker it grows, the more heat it produces and the faster body odor starts to develop.

Aesthetically, waxing allows for muscles to shine as their definition is more apparent.

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Not so long ago, hair removal was reserved for women and were one of their main criteria for seduction. Today,  Attitudes and behaviors of men changed, hair removal is a practice that is increasingly present in the male consciousness.

Mens today are more aware and conscientious of their global image and remove the hair is an important way to project the most positive image. It is much more common to see men with smooth, hairless chest and back, armpits or legs. Hair removal also helps define the shape of the body.

There are definite advantages to do so, less hair means less body heat. Less heat means less body odor.

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