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Face care - Tribal Face Care

Price : 50.00 €, Approximative duration : 01 h
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ome to experiment new sensations and discover plants and traditional recipes from Africa, Mexico and Polynesia, that can relax you and get you back with the rythms of nature...

Forget your day life, we take care of you...

This treatment contains Fair Trade products and registered Bernard Cassiere in a commitment to a fair use of the natural resources of our plan

This treatment begins with a relaxing welcome phase while I invite you to enjoy relaxing pressure and strokes.

  • A cleansing/modeling of face & neck with the New-Zealand marvellous cleanser: a melting texture with Tamanu oil for a gentle and efficient cleansing and a soft touch effect.
  • An Harakeke Maori scrub to exfoliate and let your skin clean and without dead cells.
  • A relaxing massage with the Polynesian nourishing serum to meet the needs of even the driest skins.
  • Application of the African detoxifying mask to remove dead cells and matify the skin.
  • Application of the Mozambique magical balm to improve the effects of the treatment.

To finish the care, relaxing pressures on the neck, shoulders and arms and energetic sweepings are performed by the beautician to extend the benefits of relaxation once the institute left!!

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Continuously subject to external aggressions, the face requires specific cares. 

The face care you need depends on your skin type, it is necessary to determine it before proceeding. That’s why I chose a range of specific product for every skin type.

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