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Body care - Slimming spicy treatment

Price : 95.00 €, Approximative duration : 01 h, 30 mn
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ne of the scourges of the existence of women is cellulite. Whatever diet or exercise, it really never goes away. This natural phenomenon is mainly caused by estrogens hormones.

Diet and exercise can help you, but unfortunately, these methods do not allow you to target areas of cellulite to treat on your body. This is why slimming treatment are recommended in case of localized or generalized fat overload with or without a dimpled appearance (orange peel).

Especially developed for a targeted slimming action, this care includes:

  • a peeling,
  • a slimming massage,
  • Application of a Guarana sweet pepper slimming serum
  • a Guarana ginger wrap.
  • a slimming fluid

All these products reduce appreciably the centimetric loss.

Note : A six-week course of treatment (one care per week) is recommended in order to have a better skin quality and a smoothing, firming and slimming effect. Don’t hesiatet to ask me for an advice

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The ancient techniques of massage relaxation have crossed time and continents for centuries, evidence of their effectiveness for the well being of body and mind.

Massage helps to empty your mind, helps to take the time for a moment of gentleness and relaxation, in a calm atmosphere of scented massage oils, it helps to release tension accumulated during the day.

More than a moment of relaxation, massage helps reduce stress, prevents disease and improves global health. Massage has many positive effects:

On the structure and posture of the body:

  • Relieves pain by making the muscles more supple and elastic
  • Helps to reduce muscle tensions
  • Improves joint mobility by promoting greater range of motion

On the functioning of body:

  • Soothes, calms
  • Improves sleep
  • Increases the respiratory capacity
  • Improves blood and lymph circulation, which leads to better oxygenation and better elimination of toxins
  • Improves skin health

On the sensory and psychomotor parts of the body

  • Increases body awareness
  • Awakens the senses of touch and sharpens the perceptions
  • Promotes a greater flow of energy
Important Information: I’m providing you with aesthetics massages. Legally, In France, Aesthetics massages has no therapeutic purpose and cannot be associated with any medical technique.

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