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Prices List Face care

Anti-ageing Time Interceptor treatment
Duration : 01 h / Price : 55.00 €

Because from 35-40 years old your skin needs to fight against the radiance loss, the discomfort, the irregularities, the tonicity and firmness loss, and the wrinkles and fine lines appearance, Bernard Cassière has developed Time Interceptor, a global anti-ageing concept.

The Time Interceptor care is a complete care ritual integrating a special anti-ageing complex, composed of extracts of argan tree leaves and anogeissus leiocarpus bark. These ingredients are extracted from hundred years old trees in Africa recognized by the inhabitants for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties. This combination has been selected to protect the skin against the free radicals activity.

Intense Brightening Kiwi Treatment
Duration : 01 h / Price : 50.00 €
Bernard Cassiere has developed a complete program "illuminator of complexion" to answer problems of hyperpigmentation, brown marks or dull complexion with natural ingredients.

Because vitamin C is well recognised as fighting against hyperpigmentation, Bernard Cassiere has chosen KIWI, a fruit rich in vitamin C, as the main ingredient of these new range and treatment.
Recommended in a course of 3 treatments after an AHA and cranberry dermabrasion treatment for an enhanced efficiency.

After only one treatment, the skin looks brighter, is better nourished and more comfortable, and marks are visibly tone down.

AHA & Cranberry microdermabrasion treatment
Duration : 01 h / Price : 50.00 €

Very original and effective, the dermabrasion treatment smoothes the wrinkles and lines, while refining the skin texture. Gives radiance and lightens the skin !

Bamboo Hydrating treatment
Duration : 01 h / Price : 55.00 €

The Bernard Cassière’s answer for dry skin types. The Bamboo hydrating* care provides a double hydration* to the skin thanks to its Bamboo, Lotus and white Water Lily complex.

The hydrating* concentrate Plum-Macadamia strenghtens the cutaneous barrier et stops water evaporation. The skin is soft and supple.

The massage cream that contains bamboo, white lotus and water lily extracts hydrates* and regenerates the skin. It acts on the intercellular cement. The Bamboo hydrating* mask hydrates* and provides brightness, softness and suppleness to the skin. The hydrating* serum favors the natural hydratation* processes  thanks to the bamboo, wild thought and soya extracts.

*Hydration of the superficial skin layers
Honey Oxygenating treatment
Duration : 01 h / Price : 55.00 €

As a pure moment of well being, this Honey Oxygenating treatment is designed for dull and devitalised skins.

A Honey and Sugar scrub and a foamy mask melted with real Acacia honey for remarkable results. This treatment stimulates cellular renewal thanks to its composition with sugar complexes, vitamins and oligo-elements. The skin is more radiant and sounder. To consume wihtout moderation...

Delicate skin Bilberry treatment
Duration : 01 h / Price : 50.00 €

The Bernard Cassière Bilberry treatment is designed for delicate, sensitive and dry skins in order to reduce redness immedialty while nourishing the skin.

The mask that contains alginates, bilberry and C vitamin prevents the sensitivity signs (broken veins). Excellent defender against free radicals, this deep care, full of freshness, restores suppleness, comfort and softness to the skin.

Oily skin lemon treatment
Duration : 01 h / Price : 50.00 €

Combining two masks, the purifying treatment is recommended for combination to oily skin types that are shiny and often meet blackheads, dilated pores and imperfections problems or that needs a post acneic treatment.

The oily zones mask contains near queen’s extracts, milk proteins and lemon essential oils that absorbs subum excesses and impurities. It reduces blackheads, the complexion is fresh and no more oily. The aqueous mask hydrates* the dry zones, the skin is smooth. The matt finish serum fight against shiny aspects all day long and purifies the skin to avoid any imperfections appearance.

*hydration of the superficial skin layers

Tribal Face Care
Duration : 01 h / Price : 50.00 €

Come to experiment new sensations and discover plants and traditional recipes from Africa, Mexico and Polynesia, that can relax you and get you back with the rythms of nature...

Forget your day life, we take care of you...

This treatment contains Fair Trade products and registered Bernard Cassiere in a commitment to a fair use of the natural resources of our plan

This treatment begins with a relaxing welcome phase while I invite you to enjoy relaxing pressure and strokes.

  • A cleansing/modeling of face & neck with the New-Zealand marvellous cleanser: a melting texture with Tamanu oil for a gentle and efficient cleansing and a soft touch effect.
  • An Harakeke Maori scrub to exfoliate and let your skin clean and without dead cells.
  • A relaxing massage with the Polynesian nourishing serum to meet the needs of even the driest skins.
  • Application of the African detoxifying mask to remove dead cells and matify the skin.
  • Application of the Mozambique magical balm to improve the effects of the treatment.

To finish the care, relaxing pressures on the neck, shoulders and arms and energetic sweepings are performed by the beautician to extend the benefits of relaxation once the institute left!!

Continuously subject to external aggressions, the face requires specific cares. 

The face care you need depends on your skin type, it is necessary to determine it before proceeding. That’s why I chose a range of specific product for every skin type.

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